Monoblock air handling units conditioning XD series
od 4000 do 32000 m3/h

Monoblock air handling units conditioning series XD is a response to market demand for universal control performing any process air treatment. Compact size and any equipment inside the control panel allow you to adjust the device to various project requirements. Range of three sizes of panels enables the delivery of units from 4,000 to 32,000 m3 / h with a range of cooling capacity between 30 and 180 kW.

Unification of structural elements and equipment and the use of the integrated automation system simplifies the production process and the date of execution of the control panel. The production technology central XD produce complete devices according to the basic criteria.



These are the air handling units working on circulating air from the air portion and utilizing the effect of free-cooling. Configuration of air outlets, compact dimensions and low weight facilitate installation and design of the duct system.

This solution is dedicated to the outdoor facilities, large size. Central type used ROOFTOP m. Al. on commercial buildings and shopping malls.


Air handling units series XD NWX, NWR


These devices implement virtually any process air treatment using the effect of free-cooling. They are equipped with separate supply and exhaust fans and an optional rotary / cross-flow heat recovery system with an efficiency of 50-80%. Constitute a replacement for traditional solutions, ie. A set of sectional control of the automation system and integral source of cold, usually supplied by several different vendors. In return, we offer one complete unit - one regulator managing work and a service charge of maintenance. The design of the XD panels can be mounted on the central building as well as next door or inside. Using the list of available components, you can configure any systems:

  • Air supply XD N,
  • Supply air recirculation XD NR,
  • Supply and exhaust air XD NW,
  • Equipped with heat recovery with rotary exchanger XD NWR
    or cross XD NWX.